UI Prototype Mk2

To come inline with the intended final demonstration an alternative version of the UI prototype has been created featuring Killer Whales.


This also demonstrates that the UI can be used in both underwater and land scenarios which I intend to test both to get feedback on the user experience within the prototype.

Key Notes

  • The video on this page is slightly larger than the tiger version, therefore expect a slight longer download time.
  • This has been breiefly tested on the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Edge. It is not guarenteed that the demonstration will be as smooth on older browsers.

Zoo UI Prototype

Here’s a link to the HTML zoo prototype which is planned to be used to demonstrate the UI design but also for user acceptance testing to find out if the UI achieves what users would expect in the zoo environment.


Couple of key notes

  • The display is designed to be on a screen size of 1920 x 1080 or larger. It can be viewed on smaller however the experience would not be considered accurate
  • Please allow a short time for the background video to start working.