UI Corporate Environment

Here are a couple of UI designs for the corporate environment, the idea is using a brainstorming, project management activity with the idea that users can also access remotely through conference calling as well as interacting with the display directly.

The first scenario displays using it as a window display.


In this environment though is whether if something outside happened would it be a distraction to the main activity?

The second example is a meeting room environment, a more likely scenario


Zoo UI Design

First Wireframes of the Zoo Interactive Transparent Display design. The idea is what the user will see if at a sea world centre watching a killer whale underwater. The concept could be transferred to a vast number of different animals on land or at sea.

Initial Log on screen once user interacts with screen

zoo_wireframe_0000_StartOriginal Design displayed content on users left in order to continue to view the animal in question

zoo_wireframe_0002_Size zoo_wireframe_0001_Main InfoHowever will need to identify whether the content could be to much of a distraction in this location, therefore an alternative method is created displaying the content below the main attraction.

zoo_wireframe_0004_Horizontal Location zoo_wireframe_0003_Horizontal Main InfoThe next possible step is to create an HTML mock-up prototype of the UI for user testing. This will hopefully identify a number of potential issues and resolutions including colour over different backgrounds, whether left display or bottom display is better, is the content generally a distraction or not etc.