Explainer video – Storyboard

The explainer video aims to demonstrate how we envision the Interactive Transparent Display will work in the ‘Zoo’ and ‘Meeting Room’ scenarios. It will consist of the animations and interface prototypes created by the team members.

This storyboard provides a general outline of how these artefacts will be put together to create the video.


Meeting room environment design

The Solstice pod by Mersive allows users to collaborate by linking multiple devices to one display.


The design for the meeting room scenario took this into account. By having the display on a rotating stand users are able to actively collaborate while still being able to see each other. The integration of the solstice pod means that users are able to share their desktop without having to move from their position.

Meeting environment.001 Meeting environment.002

Zoo environment design



The enclosures used in zoos are usually just variations of glass tanks with frames. As visitors generally include children, the displays need to be accessible to them as well.

Example of reptile enclosure at a zoo
Example of reptile enclosure at a zoo

The proposed design places the Interactive Transparent Display directly in front of the glass case housing the animals and a gap is left between the display and the glass. In theory this should reduce potential distress caused to the animals by the noise from touching or knocking on the display.

Zoo environment design.002 Zoo environment design.003

Zoo display design

In regards to enclosures with curved glass such as those for aquariums, the display would still sit in front of the glass.

Aquarium tank
Aquarium tank

Zoo environment design2.001

However, the law of refraction will need to be taken into consideration to ensure that the visitor does not see an overly distorted version of the contents of the tank.

Usability in meetings for an Interactive Transparent Display

Interactive transparent displays like the Planar OLED Display are currently mainly used to market products but there is potential for them to be useful in meetings.


As the display can be connected to a computer, participants could actively collaborate using the display during a meeting instead of simply sitting around a table.


While the extent of the user’s ability to control objects/application on the display would depend on the technical specification of the display chosen, it would be ergonomically better than having the display flat on a table.

Interactive meeting table
Avengers – S.H.I.E.L.D helicarrier command centre