Microsoft Hololens?


The Hololens is quite unique but it is hard to completely define as a transparent interactive display. The lenses on the headset are transparent and allow you to interact within an augmented reality and I particularly thought this combined with business sector/concept would allow graphs and visuals to rise from anything; tables, 3D models on (glass?) walls etc. However, this would require all of the attendants wearing the device to experience the reality.

In terms of the gamification of this device I had many ideas; some of which have already been explored by Microsoft with the Hololens. Some of which include, virtual game version of games that already exist, Monopoly, Jenga etc. But such a high price tag for some board games that are already released? This would have to be applied to another medium such as; business or life in order to utilise the wearable. However these are more “ports” of board games rather than creations and the idea of this being in the same classification as our brief would have to be discussed.

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